Tretter, Anna: fixed

built up on the road.

Anna Tretter and spacem
A bus stop in the meadows, a little metal hut with a bench, behind it a huge tree. An actor from spacem in a dark pin stripped suit sits on the bench, he smokes. A vehicle, the spacem car, arrives from the left side of the picture. The driver Anna Tretter gets out. She walks towards the hut, takes out of her jacket a piece of cloth and some cleaning liquid, cleans a small part in the hut, to be able to fix a sticker with a picture of the last bus stop. The one sitting on the bench seems not to be interested at all. She walks back to the car and drives off. The car drives now through the picture, for a moment the whole backside of the vehicle covers the picture. As the landscape in the background can be seen again, it will be realised that it is a different one. Again it’s a bus stop in the meadows with a metal hut, but this time it is slightly larger than the last. Inside the hut an awaiting actor of spacem sits, he smokes. Again the spacem car arrives from the left side of the picture. The driver Anna Tretter gets out. Slightly covered by the car she fixes a picture of the before seen bus stop. The waiting actor does not care, he continues to wait and smoke as before. She gets back in and drives off through the picture. And in that way we find a similar scenery as in the beginning. But this time she uses a small latter for help to be able to fix the picture of the last seen bus stop. As again a new bus stop can be seen behind the car, it shows a more or less town environment. Again in the hut on the bench a spacem actor waits and smokes. In front stands a lady who wants to leave the bus stop in that moment. But as again the spacem car arrives from the left and Anna Tretter with the help of her little latter starts to handle around with the bus stop sign, the lady returns and tries to become an explanation of what was going on and wants under protest to prevent this from happening. Not one of the two is interested in her protest and after successfully fixing the next picture; Anna Tretter drives off in the car. The next bus stop is shown, a spacem actor stands smoking a cigarette at the bus stop. After Anna Tretter had fixed the picture of the last bus stop, she again drives the car through the picture. But this time not a new bus stop is seen, it is still the same as before with the waiting actor. The film ends with the line “fixed”.

Fixed – little houses of busstops – a journey – on the way from kosice to medzilaborce (sk)
with spacem, Thomas Gamsjäger and Heinz Holzmann
Anna Tretter 2006, catalogtext built up on the road.