Blue Noses

Thanks to <blue noses> 2004, 29 sec., dvd loop

Anna Tretter produces her works nowadays quite often in transit, on the road, in places both remote and foreign. The space of art was in the center already in her earlier sculptural investigation, now it is as if her space is widening and these expansions get shape in her multi-layered oeuvre on different levels, in different media.
Anna Tretter is >On the Way<. On the outset and in transit she shoots the travelator in the Prague airport.
By useing that part of a kind of ‘in same time and theme’ production of the “blue noses group“, an artist friendship gift of them to her when they met in Kisinau for a workshop in the ksaak, center for contemprorary art, she advanced her project by including that within the daily people movement in situ.

Textauszug Dr. Dorothée Bauerle Willert